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Specialized Skills

Through my career as a catechist and my experience with curriculum and program design, marketing and the development of communication systems, I have cultivated knowledge of graphic design using tools like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Publisher and Apple Pages. Basic web design using Wix and WordPress templates is another skill set that I possess.

Specialized Skills: Intro

Digital History Skills

Skilled with ArcGis software. 1960s: A Decade of Revolution is a digital history project using ArcGis software to create a digital map journal featuring 23 geographical locations for events ranging from the Human Be-In to Merritt College, the community college where Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale were educated, inspired and edified to become to founders of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. Also including movements that advocated for ethnic studies programs, women's rights and gay rights including the musical inspirations and events driven by a desire to achieve justice and peace for all.

Specialized Skills: My Work

Foreign Language Skills

As a community college student, I developed an intermediate level of Spanish language fluency to to my interest in Latin American history and politics. This affinity has influenced my decision to focus on the discrimination faced by Mexican Americans and other immigrant communities in the United States.

Specialized Skills: My Work
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