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M.S. Harper

M.A. United States History
Teaching Concentration

During my undergraduate studies at California State University, East Bay, this site was established as a repository of all my projects, long and short. Some will languish, others will be resurrected, researched more fully, and be published on actual paper in the future.

My grandfather inspired my love of history. He was a World War II veteran, devoted family-man, former bar owner, commercial fisherman, lover of travel and student of people from around the world. Not afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, he listened intently to stories and became wiser and more compassionate as a result. Listening to stories about prohibition, World War II, and the people and places encountered during trips around the world captured my imagination. Studying maps, memorizing geography, and forming historical questions became a favorite past time.

I am especially interested in the intersectionality of religion and politics, particularly Roman Catholicism in the United States, and in revolution, social movements, race, immigration and women especially in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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"History cannot be written unless the historian can achieve some kind of contact with the mind of those about whom he is writing." -Carl Becker

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